Site Prep

Before and during site prep operations remember the following BMP guidelines:

  1. The boundaries of all SMZs should be clearly defined before beginning any site preparation activities.
  2. Avoid site preparation on steep slopes or highly erodible soils. Hand plant excessively steep slopes or wet areas.
  3. Mechanical site prep and planting should be done on the contour.
  4. Site preparation activities should skirt SMZs and stream channels. Debris should be placed above the ordinary high water mark.
  5. Carefully plan application of chemicals to avoid direct or indirect entry into streams and impoundments.
  6. All trash associated with site prep or planting operations should be promptly hauled to a legal disposal site.
  7. Avoid damage to existing water control devices. Any damage should be repaired immediately.

Follow these guidelines while conducting prescribed burns:

  1. Site prep burns on steep slopes or highly erodible soils should only be conducted when they are absolutely necessary.  The duff layer should be maintained.
  2. Firebreaks should have water control structures which divert water away from streams.
  3. Prescribed burns within an SMZ should be done at a low intensity.
  4. Firelines should be constructed along the SMZ boundary, and should follow the same guidelines as logging trails and skid trails with respect to water control structures.