Module 5 – Salvage Safety

This video-based training program highlights safety techniques in the harvesting and clean-up of storm damaged timber. The frequency of wind throw from hurricanes and tornadoes and the similarity of stand conditions suffering ice damage creates special conditions that threaten the safety of woods operators. Developing a safe plan of operation could include mechanical and manual techniques, separately or in combination, to avoid or clear away hazards safely. The 20-minute video stresses both proper planning before workers are exposed and the technical aspects of mechanical and manual cutting. The content is suitable for conventional woods workers as well as for utility crews and emergency management contractors who face similar hazardous conditions. This video “Storm Damage and Salvage Safety – A Video-Based Safety Workshop” is graciously provided by Forest Resources Association Inc. ( as collaborative effort to improve the safety knowledge and behavior of all those working in the forests. Production possible due to support from THATS (Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety Foundation), Forestry Mutual Insurance Company, NC Professional Loggers Association, Inc., the NC Agro Medicine Institute, Cobbler Logging, Ricky Brewer Logging, and Virginia Carolina Timber.